Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Going To Burning Man

For the 11th time, I’m heading back to Black Rock City. Like a moth to the flame, I guess. I took some time off from the event but am excited to get out there and play.

One thing I’ll be doing is blogging from the desert. You can look for it on the Burning Blog, where I’ve already posted a few times this summer.

Some great pre-press has come out, including this story about a doctor who works at the event and the unusual medical cases out there. Have you ever heard of playa foot? You don’t want it, that’s for sure.

Mark Morford’s last column was about the life lessons of Burning Man. Like many Morford columns, it’s funny and rambling and over-the-top (oral sex in public? Maybe that will be my new thing to try out this year! Ahem). His way of describing the event touched something within the community. He calls it “beautifully debauched.” I have experienced the fierce joy he writes about and I’m headed back for more.

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