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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

RIP Vernon Hunter

Last week’s terrorist attack against an IRS office in Austin left two dead. One was the pilot Andrew Joseph Stack, about whom we’ve heard plenty. Vernon Hunter was a manager at the IRS who died when Stack flew his private plane into the building.

Hunter was a veteran, father and husband. His son Ken Hunter said he wanted to tell people about his father after hearing about Stack’s life and his anti-tax crusade. He was alarmed by comments from Stack’s friends who said he was a good person and Internet postings calling the pilot a hero.

“People say (Stack) is a patriot. What’s he a patriot for? He hasn’t served the country. My dad did two tours of Vietnam and this guy is going to be a patriot and no one is going to say that about my dad? That’s what got me started talking. I couldn’t stand it anymore,” Ken Hunter said. “My father didn’t write that tax code.”